Pastor Oliver E. King was born in Valdosta, Georgia on July 11, 1971 to the late Elder Willie King and Mother Bertha King.  Pastor Oliver King is the 2nd oldest out of 4 children: Stephen King, Oliver King, Marquita Oseiji and Ashen King. We all were born and raised in the church under the leadership of Bishop James E. Byrd at Christ Church of Universal Love.  After learning so much as a child and growing into a young man, God sent Pastor Oliver King on an assignment to Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church under the teaching of Pastor Willie D. McClendon.

While serving under Pastor Willie McClendon, Pastor Oliver King was licensed as a Minister of the Gospel. While learning and being taught, Minister King served as praise and worship leader and new membership teacher. Fathering 3 children: Desmond, Desiree and Destiny King, Pastor Willie McClendon allowed Minister Oliver King to exercise his true God given gift. While serving under Pastor Willie McClendon for 8 years, Minister King met his lovely wife Colette Killins King and they married on July 2, 2005.


Through this marriage, Minister Oliver King inherited 2 more sons by the name of Jerred Killins and Kendell Diaz which was a blessing to his life.  While being faithful under Pastor McClendon, God had a different plan for Minister King’s life. This plan lead Minister King on an assignment which landed him at St. John Primitive Baptist Church under the leadership of Elder Benjamin Adams. It was there where Pastor Adams allowed Minister King to exercise his gift, preaching and teaching to the people of God. Minister King taught New Membership Class and served where he was needed.


After serving under the leadership of Pastor Adams for 3 years, it was there under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, that Pastor Adams ordained Minister King as Elder Oliver King. After serving at St. John Primitive Baptist Church for 5 years and learning so much under Pastor Adams, God had yet another assignment for Elder King.


By the Leading of the Holy Spirit, God called him into being a shepherd to many of God’s sheep.  Submitting under Apostle Randy Walker and Restoration International Ministries, Pastor King began preaching and becoming overseer of the ministry, while assisting Apostle Randy Walker with all duties of the church. 

After 3 months of his dedication to Restoration International Ministries, God spoke and gave Pastor King another assignment which was to birth Restoration Ministries of Largo on September 1, 2011.  


While humbly submitting, Elder King became Pastor of Restoration Ministries of Largo.  Since having a strong desire for the people and showing love to the less fortunate, Pastor King’s first ministry was Restoration’s food pantry, which still today feeds the homeless and the less fortunate. Giving each person food, clothing and prayer. 


Over the past 3 years of serving those who are less fortunate, Restoration has  served over 10,000 families with clothing and food! Pastor King has been devoted and led by the Holy Spirit. Pastor King promises to stay on the battle field and trust God's utterance. His favorite scripture is “where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty!  - 2 Corinthians 3:17.                

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